Imagination is nothing without the right platform.

From a humble startup to quest for becoming the go-to platform for visual storytellers and creators, Zero Density’s journey began in 2014 at Türkiye by idealist innovators who wanted to revolutionize how organizations interact with their target audience. 

Now with offices in Europe and U.S., we provide integrated solutions for virtual production and real-time motion graphics created from best-in-class components to 72 countries in 6 continents. We combine innovative technology with expert knowledge to deliver cutting-edge virtual production and broadcast graphics. Our commitment to enabling the creation of visual impact, enhancing stories, increasing operational efficiency, and providing reliable solutions positions us as a forward-thinking partner. 

Enabling storytellers and creators to turn their ideas into reality
Our global team is always driven by a deep passion for storytelling and a commitment to empower creators by providing them the tools and platform they need to create, produce, and craft unforgettable stories. 

Giving the visual storytellers and creators of tomorrow the tools they need to rock the world
We embrace providing storytellers with bleeding-edge media solutions that allow them to create engaging, immersive, and impactful stories that resonate with their audience as our mission. 

Core Values

Values we take into heart navigates our motivation where it suits best for the worldwide community, not just Zero Density. When imagining the next with us, we guarantee that you’ll always see the below approaches: 

Customer first
They are our everything. If they fail, we fail. When they succeed and achieve their next, so do we. 

Integrity & Inclusivity
We embrace accountability, learn from our mistakes, and champion a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusiveness. 

Genuine Innovation 
Real-world challenges need innovation that works, whilst delivering the highest standards. 

United & Empowered Team
We work together to make smart decisions that make our products better and benefit everyone. 

Environmental Stewardship
Our dedication to environmental responsibility drives us to minimize our ecological footprint and promote sustainable, eco-friendly practices. 

Team of Leaders

Ulaş KaçmazCo-founder & Board Member

Kuban AltanChief Product, Technology and Research Officer

Ofir BenoviciCEO

Ralf van VegtenCMO

Raul AlbaCCXO