Explore the events Zero Density will be attending or hosting to discover our cutting-edge integrated solutions for virtual production and real-time motion graphics. Join us at a location near you or online to experience innovation firsthand.



Couldn’t make it to NAB Show or want to see more from us? Then, Zero Density comes to you with the PostNAB Roadshow with Key Code Media!

Our award-winning integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics solutions takes the stage at Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit.

Zero Density is coming to London for UK’s biggest event for the broadcast media, production and technology industry!

Don’t forget to drop by to watch the presentation of our CMO, Ralf van Vegten about “Real-Time Graphics Revolution powered by AI and Unreal Engine” on 15 May, 14:00.

Zero Density is waiting for you at DigiNet’s annual media technology seminar, DigiNet POP-UP 2024 at Brussels and Hilversum.

From showcasing product demos to cutting-edge media technology presentations, and engaging discussions with industry manufacturers and expert teams, it’s a great chance to dive into the latest innovations shaping the future of media technology.


Professional Show set up an advanced studio at their HQ in Milano, Italy. We are waiting for everyone on 23-24 May 2024 to show what Zero Density solutions offer to broadcast and corporate communications.

Join Zero Density for two live demos at Booth 16 of PostNAB Show 2024, the leading trade fair in the Swiss AV market, organized by SRF.

Come visit us at Booth 16 with our partner Visuals to watch our revolutionary integrated and real-time graphics workflow up close!

Zero Density is bringing revolutionary end-to-end integrated real-time graphics workflows to your screen with PostNAB Live!

On Thursday, May 30, new end-to-end graphics workflow, live demos focusing on XR, Virtual Studio and Lino will be showcased from Zero Density’s new and fully functional studio in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

Immerse yourself in the future of graphics workflow at our exclusive Open House event, presented by Zero Density and Pancake Studio in Istanbul.

Discover cutting-edge solutions, witness live demonstrations of virtual production technology, and network with industry experts.

Zero Density is en route to Casablanca Broadcast Days, a flagship event of the Audio Video industry for radio and television.

Get ready to be amazed with hyper realistic showcase of Virtual Studio, AR and XR, and find out how you can revolutionize your content presentations with Zero Density’s solutions on 5-6 June, 2024.

Zero Density and University of South Florida joining forces for the showcase of the revolutionary use case of virtual production for education. This open house event presents a great opportunity to observe how an educational institute can harness the power of full virtual production pipeline.

Virtual production studios, technologists and sustainability experts are coming together on Flint Media to discuss the sustainability of virtual production.

Join our CMO Ralf van Vegten to listen the sustainability benefits of virtual production, the most sustainable technologies for the world and more.

Zero Density is coming to a center of culture, Athens for Future of Media event together with our partner AmyDV.

Experience the flashy display of what can be achieved with Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality with Zero Density’s cutting-edge solutions and platforms on 18 June, 2024!

Join Zero Density and KST Moschkau to discover KST’s automated workflow with demos and presentations, and Reality5’s contribution to the transformation of corporate communications to create impact with dynamic visuals, data-driven graphics, and seamless workflow integration!