Create compelling election coverage with hyper-realistic virtual sets and real-time data visualization

2024 is set to be a big year for elections with important popular votes taking place in the US, the UK, India, Russia, the European Parliament. Nearly half of the world’s population can go to the polls. About 3.7 billion people will be allowed to vote in 70 countries in 2024. Never before have so many people had the opportunity to make their voices heard in one year.

Make your channel the place to be on election nights, with immersive elections coverage that brings the drama of democracy to life in exciting and impactful new ways. 

Zero Density’s real-time virtual production and motion graphics solutions open up infinite possibilities for election coverage, turning dry facts into fascinating features, and adding dynamic new dimensions to discussion and analysis. 

Are you ready to change how your audience experiences election results? Let’s make election night unforgettable.

Transform your election coverage with hyper-realistic virtual sets and storytelling

2024’s global election season demands next-gen visualization. You can use Zero Density’s integrated solutions to turn election broadcasts into fully immersive experiences.

Zero Density’s virtual production technology gives you the power to tell powerful political stories, from engaging profiles of the personalities and parties to blow by blow coverage as the votes come in and the people decide the future of their nation. 

Zero Density’s solutions blur the gap between virtual and real by connecting physical and virtual elements. You can create lifelike graphics with bidirectional shadows and reflections, while your host is interacting with augmented reality (AR) graphics as if they’re real surrounded by dynamic sceneries.

Extremely high-quality graphics and complex virtual sets, powered by Unreal Engine, combined with a real-time compositing pipeline and unparalleled keying capabilities raise the production level to new heights of reality, immersion and interaction. 

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"It looked better than a real studio. People were surprised!"
Vincent Jeumont, Head of Systems and Projects, RTL Belgium

With Reality5, we are raising the bar where we’re seamlessly integrating it with the cutting-edge features of Unreal Engine. This synergy results in an unbeatable blend of quality and features that will enable unparalleled virtual studio, augmented reality and extended reality productions . Through the convergence of Reality5, Unreal Engine 5.4.1 and Traxis Talent Tracking, our clients can fully harness Unreal-native capabilities, including interaction with virtual objects, all while enhancing realism with dynamic shadows and reflections.

Make every second pulsate with creativity and impact thanks to photorealistic virtual graphics that blur the lines between real studio, virtual set and augmented reality.

Turn complex data into viewer-friendly visuals

Keep viewers glued to the screen with interactive graphics that make sense of polls, predictions, historical data and finally, the results of the election itself. 

You can make complex voting processes understandable, with interactive augmented reality data updates, and lively art maps that bring blow-by-blow election data to life like never before. Our virtual production solutions transform complex election data into simple, stunning visuals in real-time, making results accessible and engaging for everyone. 

The Reality Hub system controls all the graphics solutions, and provides operators with a sense of confidence and flexibility and improves operational efficiency. It also saves time and reduces errors by integrating with newsroom systems, studio automation, and other data providers to streamline data handling processes.

Dynamically integrate election data from third-party sources to create viewer-friendly graphics that convey incoming election results quickly and accurately. You can control data-driven graphics in real time using Reality Hub’s streamlined, efficient workflow with drag-and-drop functionality. 

Mix and match a range of data-driven and dynamic augmented reality objects like 3D bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, numbers, maps and infographics to make the story of the election both easy on the eye and easy to understand.

Integrate real-time data to your broadcast, effortlessly

They say a week is a long time in politics. In election coverage, every second counts. 

Reality Hub’s single control interface manages dynamic data-driven graphics, enabling you to tell engaging stories that make sense of democracy in action. Its fully automated data and statistics integrations from external data sources to deliver impactful graphics in real time.

You can make complex voting processes understandable, with interactive augmented reality data updates, and lively art maps that bring blow-by-blow election data to life like never before. 

Display photorealistic graphics on physical screens on the set, or overlay them on top of your video feed. Need broadcast on-air graphics like tickers, lower thirds, split windows, and channel branding? Our Virtual Production platform can handle it all, effortlessly.

The opportunities for telling engaging and impactful visual stories are truly limitless.

Developed for Workflow Integration in Mind

Quick to set up, endlessly adaptable, and boundlessly creative, a virtual studio makes efficient use of your available space and resources, boosting usage and saving costs.

Way beyond a simple green screen setup, the virtual set becomes a 3D space with real depth that can extend to give unique points of view into the stories around the election with levels of realism that are simply unreal.

Because the virtual environment is completely multi-functional, you can use the studio for your election coverage, then easily transform it for news, live events or entertainment broadcasts, without having to build and rebuild sets.

Our holistic broadcasting platform seamlessly integrates the existing workflows broadcasters know and love. Unlock new levels of efficiency and creativity and get ready to create the most compelling election coverage ever.

One Solution for Any Type of Setup

Zero Density’s extensive suite empowers any production type: green screen, conventional studio with AR, set extensions in physical studios or XR setups with cube, curved or flat LED walls or video walls. 

Additionally, Zero Density’s virtual production pipeline favors ‘create once, use many’. By providing a platform that uses the same rendering backbone across all components, the assets for virtual production (virtual studio and AR), LED Walls, LED volume, and real-time motion graphics need to be created only once. In addition to that, assets can be easily shared between production studios.

About Zero Density
We provide integrated solutions for virtual production and real time motion graphics, blending technology and expertise to deliver enhanced storytelling that makes a real impact. Our rock-solid solutions boost operational efficiency and deliver results you can rely on. Zero Density is your forward-thinking educational partner.


Virtual production platform with dynamic visuals, data-driven graphics, and seamless workflow integration.


Optimized hardware for virtual production and real-time motion graphics.


Unified platform with ultra high-resolution camera and talent tracking, lens data management, and easier setup and maintenance.


New real-time motion graphics platform based on Unreal Motion Design.

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