Seamless Stories, Boundless Possibilities: Virtual Production for News Broadcasters

Discover the future of news broadcasting with Zero Density, where cutting-edge virtual production and real-time motion graphics tools revolutionize how stories are told and experienced by the viewers. Captivate, inform, and engage audiences like never before, setting new standards for creativity and efficiency in news production and delivery.

Catch the Breaking News as They Break

In an industry where timeliness is everything, Varoujan Joulfayan, Head of Creative Services at Sky News Arabia, highlights a critical challenge faced by news broadcasters worldwide: “In the fast-paced world of news broadcasting, where stories develop and change within moments, the ability to quickly adapt and produce content is crucial. Anything that surpasses the amount of time needed to put that out. If you spend some time creating news, the news is out. It’s obsolete. So we need to create it really fast.”

Efficiency in news production has reached new heights with Zero Density’s virtual production technology and integrated workflows. Broadcasters can now produce content at the speed of news, seamlessly integrating virtual elements into live broadcasts. This rapid production capability ensures that news remains timely and relevant, addressing the industry’s challenge of creating high-quality and impactful content within tight deadlines. The experience of leading news outlets such as Sky News Arabia, The Weather Channel and KPIX / CBS demonstrates significant workflow optimizations, allowing them to deliver current news with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

Utilize the tools to work smarter while increasing the quality.

The components we provide for virtual production and real-time motion graphics, including the Traxis Tracking Platform and the Reality5 platform, are meticulously designed to be best in class. Together, they form an unrivaled, integrated solution.

Zero Density’s virtual production pipeline favors ‘create once, use many’. By providing a platform that uses the same rendering backbone across all components, the assets for virtual production (virtual studio and AR), LED Walls, LED volume, and real-time motion graphics need to be created only once. In addition to that, assets can be easily shared between production studios.

Also, virtual production offers to maximize the utilization of limited resources such as the physical studio space and time of the crew. Multiple shows can run in the same studio with only a few minutes of downtime between them, leading to increased studio utilization. 

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"The Reality Hub gives us the option to modify on set. So, sometimes we have the set in daylight, sometimes we have it at nighttime, so we just switch off the button, but then you have any time you want."
Nebras Hameed, Head of Creative Services, Al Mashhad TV

Last minute changes are a breeze with our advanced yet flexible control tool Reality Hub. For example, there’s no need to open the Unreal Engine project to make changes. All blueprint components are exposed automatically in Reality Hub. This transparency and accessibility make managing and altering projects more efficient, as users can quickly navigate and modify elements as needed.

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"The ability of Zero Density to allow us to do things quickly as well in the news environment is also extremely important. So as you know, speed is critical, but with Zero Density, we're able to do it with speed and with our immersive experience."
Steven Cheak, Creative Director, Asharq News

Technological Flexibility and Workflows

Zero Density solutions integrate seamlessly with the broadcast technology, operational and editorial environments where our tools are designed by industry experts to minimize the impact of our solutions on day-to-day operations.

For example, Reality provided Asharq News with extensive control over the virtual environment, allowing for dynamic and flexible storytelling that could adapt to the content of each episode. “Zero Density gives us a lot of controls, a lot of options on how we can control sets… This was a great thing, really.” – Mohsen Serry, Senior Broadcast Designer at Asharq News.

San Francisco’s KPIX / CBS Bay Area’s state-of-the-art facility is fully focused on functionality that can be leveraged from a green screen studio powered by our Reality solution.

Designed by the trailblazers at Myreze, a key feature of this redesign is a virtual floor map, which brings the studio to life with real-time weather animations, including wind and fog, enhancing the presentation of weather forecasts. This map is especially useful for augmented reality (AR) graphics during severe weather coverage. Additionally, the studio is equipped with an interactive table map for detailed regional weather analysis, featuring adaptable displays for different locations. 

These advancements in virtual graphics are instrumental in transforming the studio into a modern space for engaging and dynamic news broadcasting. Reality Hub allows for connecting effortlessly to the Unreal Engine world with external data sources such as weather, finance, election results, and sports, thanks to vital data connectors developed specifically for broadcasters.

Reality Hub is a powerful, all-in-one solution designed to streamline and enhance the entire Reality ecosystem. Built with a dynamic, HTML5 user interface, Reality Hub provides seamless integration, effortless customization, and an easy-to-use platform for managing your system and workflows -right fit for television stations.

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“In a single application, Reality Hub grants our users the ability to configure, compile, launch, and playout projects, while providing time-saving ways to optimize their workflow. Centralizing these tools into an intuitive, easily-accessible web interface changes the game for our artists, engineers, and graphics operators."
Andrew Maloof, Senior Graphics System Engineer, The Weather Channel

Put the Spotlight on the Story

At its core, it is all about the story. At Zero Density, the global team is driven by a deep passion for storytelling and a commitment to empower creators with the tools they need to produce unforgettable stories. 

The technology supports the creative vision, offering limitless possibilities to illustrate news stories without overshadowing the content. It enables the creation of suspended realities that deepen audience engagement and enhance the emotional connection to the news narrative. This approach to storytelling, where technology complements rather than competes with content, is reshaping how news is produced and consumed.

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“Our aim now is to go hyperrealistic and try to create that confusion with the viewer that if this is real or not, because the set is not the main dish that I'm presenting, the set is just complementing the content that we have."
Varoujan Joulfayan, Head of Creative Services, Sky News Arabia

Zero Density’s virtual production and real-time motion graphics technology dramatically enhances the visual impact of news stories. The sense of realism our platform offers, shaped by the brain’s instinctive search for authenticity, creates an emotionally safe and trustworthy space. This comfort and trust enhance your audience’s engagement with your content, leading to higher viewer retention and satisfaction.

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"We are aiming to always get a high-quality photorealistic environment, whether it's graphics, whether it's a virtual studio. This has been easily achieved by using Zero Density... Until now, we're not creating something out of the world. We’re creating something similar to reality"
Nebras Hameed, Head of Creative Services Al Mashhad TV

For example, Asharq News’ implementation of virtual production led to the creation of high-quality, innovative shows such as TAQA+, which garnered awards and set a new standard for news broadcasting. Another example would be Al Mashhad TV’s adoption of Zero Density technology that has been pivotal in creating highly realistic virtual environments that seamlessly integrate with real-world elements, achieving a photorealistic quality that enhances the viewer’s experience.

With Reality5, we are raising the bar where we’re seamlessly integrating it with the cutting-edge features of Unreal Engine. This synergy results in an unbeatable blend of quality and features that will enable unparalleled virtual productions for news production, sports or any broadcasting space. Through the convergence of Reality5, Unreal Engine 5.3 and Traxis Talent Tracking, our clients can fully harness Unreal-native capabilities, including interaction with virtual objects, all while enhancing realism with dynamic shadows and reflections.

The Zero Density edge: elevating news broadcast

Zero Density is redefining news broadcasting by providing a real-time virtual production pipeline that blends creativity with technology, efficiency with reliability, and visual impact with enhanced storytelling. The technology’s flexibility and ease of use allow broadcasters to push the boundaries of traditional news formats, offering audiences a richer, more engaging viewing experience.

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"I don't consider Zero Density as a supplier. I see them as partners in what we do."
Varoujan Joulfayan, Head of Creative Services Sky News Arabia

Join the ranks of leading news broadcasters who have transformed their storytelling and production workflows with Zero Density. Experience the future of news broadcasting today and captivate your audience with unparalleled visual storytelling.

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