Take sports broadcasting to the next level with hyper-realistic virtual production and real-time data visualization

Make every broadcast an adrenaline-filled adventure into the heart of the game. More than simply showing the event. Beyond the usual pre/post game discussion and analysis. Zero Density’s real-time virtual production and motion graphics solutions unlock new dimensions in sports broadcasting, opening up infinite possibilities to tell sporting stories with unprecedented levels of immersion.

2024 is going to be a huge year for sport, packed with important events like the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and the UEFA European Football Championship. These events, among others, will serve as a jumping board for the latest advancements in virtual production technology. 

Let’s get you ahead of the game.

Put your audience right in the heart of the action

Imagine a world where real-time virtual production creates a completely immersive viewing experience, and photorealistic motion and data driven graphics make every second pulsate with creativity and impact in ways that resonate emotionally with every viewer.

What if — instead of just talking about key sporting moments, you could actually take your viewers inside the action? Allowing them to experience that controversial refereeing decision, that critical motorsports manoeuvre, closer and in more detail than the spectators who are watching it live.

For example, in the heart of Europe, Belgian broadcaster RTBF gave a masterclass on VP with their 2022 FIFA World Cup coverage. Their ambitious objective was to create a panoramic view of stadiums, condensed into a single, captivating screen that offered a unique lens into the world of football. This vision came to life in their daily World Cup broadcast, logging an impressive 7.5 hours of live coverage each day.

Zero Density’s integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics solutions give you the power to turn spectator sports broadcasts into fully immersive experiences, taking viewers on a VIP behind the scenes tour of the stadium, including a sneak peek inside the team locker room. You can place virtual elements directly onto the pitch, and tell compelling stories right from the stadium.


Redefine the viewing experience with dynamic data visualization

Keep viewers glued to the screen with interactive graphics that are (almost) as exciting as the game itself. Blur the lines between the virtual and the real, with composite animations and motion graphics fed by real-time data. 

Unlock new dimensions of storytelling with immersive pre and post-game analysis featuring stats, scores, and live player line-ups. For sports broadcasters, this creates limitless opportunities to tell engaging, insightful and impactful visual stories, and craft an unparalleled immersive viewing experience.


Hyper realistic virtual sets with real-time data driven graphics

Reality and Traxis Talent Tracking platforms blurs the gap between virtual and real by connecting physical and augmented reality elements. Extremely complex virtual sets and high-quality graphics, powered by the latest version of Unreal Engine 5, combined with a real-time compositing pipeline and unparalleled keying capabilities create an unrivaled VP solution that raises the production level to new levels of reality, immersion and interaction.

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"The biggest thing ZD brings to the table is that realism that you need with a virtual set. They understand everything that goes into making these sets achieve that hyperrealism that’s necessary to take production to the next level."
Zac Fields, SVP of Graphic Technology and Integration, FOX Sports

In addition to the photorealism of the graphics, Zero Density offers real-life behavior with virtual graphics. The talent has the freedom to move around the studio without physical limitations or wearables. Real-time tracking with Traxis enables instantaneous rendering of virtual shadows and reflections, exactly where your brain expects them , maintaining a hyper realistic scene. Talent can even appear to walk around and interact with virtual objects, making them seem completely realistic.

Way beyond a simple green screen or LED setup, the virtual set becomes a 3D space with real depth that can extend to give unique points of view into the world around the game. Think virtual player interviews, where guests from anywhere in the world are photorealistically teleported directly into your studio. The level of realism is simply unreal.

Maximize studio use

Quick to set up, endlessly adaptable, and boundlessly creative, a virtual studio also makes very efficient use of your available space and resources, boosting usage and saving costs.

There’s no need to build and rebuild sets. The virtual environment is completely multi-functional, so you can use the same studio to shoot magazine-style content throughout the week, then big weekend events from a specially-designed virtual set.

Cross-platform asset sharing

Create once, use anywhere. Because the Reality5 -virtual production and Lino – real-time motion graphics platforms are built on Unreal Engine, you can use the same assets in both virtual production and motion graphics projects. Work smarter. Create faster. Reduce costs.

For example, Viaplay, a Nordic streaming video provider streamlines the asset delivery process to their various editorial departments by designing studios that align with similar rights. By centralizing virtual asset production, Viaplay maximizes efficiency and brand consistency, distributing high-quality visuals to multiple studios, saving time and slashing production costs.

As a result, Viaplay can create engaging and informative content, increase the ROI, and deliver amazing coverage to sports fans in multiple countries.

Holistic production platform with seamless data-integration

Our holistic virtual production platform seamlessly integrates the existing workflows sports broadcasters and creators know and love, unlocking new levels of efficiency and creativity.

Reality Hub integrates with data and statistics providers to create dynamic data-driven graphics, enabling you to tell stories based on large or complex data sets. Fully automated integrations deliver impactful, real-time graphics, setting new industry standards and making the broadcasting experience more dynamic, efficient, and engaging for viewers.

For example, dock10 can run real-time data into 3D graphics thanks to Reality Hub’s API integration. Recently, they have applied this for an esports project and a game show. For the esports project, they took data directly out of a video game and drove real-time 3D AR objects in the set.

Total integration of virtual studios with existing production workflows gives you the power to create completely immersive sports broadcasting experiences. Welcome to the future of sports media.


Virtual production platform with dynamic visuals, data-driven graphics, and seamless workflow integration.


Optimized hardware for virtual production and real-time motion graphics.


Unified platform with ultra high-resolution camera and talent tracking, lens data management, and easier setup and maintenance.


New real-time motion graphics platform based on Epic Games Avalanche.

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