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January 8, 2024

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How a Global Sensor Company Utilizes Automated Virtual Studio for Corporate Communications

Zero Density plus regional partner KST Moschkau built an automated virtual studio to help ifm create a high volume of digital content for corporate communications for internal and external audiences in an efficient and impactful way.

Meeting the Demand of Digital Content

The ifm group headquarters is responsible for producing marketing videos to communicate a complex story about the sensors they make for industrial automation applications.

As well as image films for international subsidiaries, they also make product promotional films and application films that show their products and solutions in use.

When the pandemic dramatically increased the demand for digital content, ifm set out to build a cost-efficient studio that could produce the high-quality video and motion graphics they needed.

“The option to 3D animate industrial applications and show them in a studio […] really helps us and our communication.”

Dominik Stoecker, Executive Producer, ifm group

Fully Automated and Integrated Solution

ifm set up a state-of-the-art virtual studio in its headquarters to shoot marketing videos for its internal global network and external corporate communications.

KST Moschkau built the fully automated and integrated UHD studio with a robotic camera system, and also implemented Zero Density’s real-time virtual production platform, Reality5.

“Automation is very valuable for recurring formats. We can save sets, set positions and all camera movements and recall them at any time. This means that even for a complex multi-cam studio, we only need a small number of crew and are quickly ready for action.”

Dominik Stoecker, Executive Producer, ifm group

The main focus of the studio is to be versatile, which is why they chose a green screen setup with Zero Density. This enables ifm to easily switch backgrounds, changing the virtual location.

Cost-Effective and Impactful Communications

Using an automated corporate studio makes the production process much more cost-efficient, as it allows ifm to produce content without costly set construction.

The automated camera and robotics make it easy for ifm to shoot a talk show with the board of directors in the morning, then make an informative customer magazine in the afternoon.

“The option to show industrial applications as augmented reality objects in the studio and thus to present even complex systems in a visually appealing way is a great added value.” 

Dominik Stoecker, Executive Producer, ifm group

An additional benefit is that the system continues to evolve with each release of the Zero Density’s control application, and also updated versions of Unreal Engine.

Tech that Empowers You

The fully automated and integrated system uses three Panasonic cameras shooting in UHD 50 frames, and three render engines.

The virtual studio is controlled by Zero Density’s control interface, Reality Hub and the cameras are automated using KST Moschkau CamBot systems.

About KST Moschkau

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