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December 20, 2023

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Step Into the Future of Online Education with the University of Netherlands’ Virtual Lecture Hall, Powered by Reality

The University of The Netherlands pushes the boundaries  of online education by using the largest virtual production lecture hall in the entire country. The best scientists from Dutch universities deliver inspiring bitesize courses in the virtual lecture space for a national audience.

This is where Imagination Meets Education…

When the boundaries of traditional classrooms are erased, what remains is a vast universe of knowledge and possibility. In collaboration with Universiteit van Nederland, we’re elevating the educational experience to new levels—offering interactive storytelling, advanced visualization, and next-generation real-time visual effects capabilities. Welcome to the largest virtual lecture hall in the Netherlands.

The Future is Virtual

For the first time ever, the Universiteit van Nederland is tapping into the limitless potential of the Reality ecosystem to reimagine the learning experience. This is not just an evolution; this is a revolution in the world of academia.

The Technical Revolution

Design & Partnership:

The virtual lecture hall’s state-of-the-art design was conceived by Creative Animal in collaboration with Itorium, housed in NEP The Netherlands’ awe-inspiring 25-meter wide chromakey Studio4.

Hardware & Tracking:

Camera precision is delivered through Grass Valley LDX86n, while Mo-sys handles cutting-edge tracking technology.

Computational Power:

All this visual magnificence is powered by 2 Engines, ensuring real-time processing and impeccable visual output.

The Reality Advantage

Step into a green screen studio unlike any other—where your image is meticulously composited with graphics in a 3D scene. What you get are realistic reflections and refractions, transforming the presentation of online education forever.

The Experience

Kick-off each course with a thought-provoking question. Let renowned professors from across universities guide you through complex matters on the immersive virtual screen or engage in real-time physical experiments in a virtual lab setting—all powered by Reality.

Who Benefits?

Universiteit van Nederland:

Elevating their global reputation by merging cutting-edge virtual studio technology with an academically rigorous approach.

Students & Lifelong Learners:

Engaging with content in a dynamic, visually rich environment that removes the limitations of traditional lecture spaces.

About Zero Density

Zero Density gives visual storytellers the tools they need to bring their creative vision to life effortlessly and with lasting impact. Our integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics platforms boost operational efficiency and deliver results you can rely on. Zero Density is your forward-thinking industry partner, with offices around the globe serving clients such as The Weather Channel, Viaplay, Sky News Arabia, Fox Sports and Warner Media.