April 25, 2024

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Interview with Zero Density by ProVideo Coalition – Insights into Virtual Production and Latest Products

Damian Allen from ProVideo Coalition made an enlightening interview about Zero Density’s offerings and Virtual Production with our CCXO, Raul Alba. You can watch or read the full interview here.

Q: Could you provide a brief history of Zero Density?

RA: “Zero Density was founded in 2016 in Turkey by two media industry visionaries. They noticed that the gaming industry had much better quality when it came to generating content than the broadcast industry. They decided to take a gaming engine, which was originally designed for gaming, into the broadcast industry and bridge the technical gap between what is in broadcast and what a vanilla gaming engine would allow doing.”

Q: Why would someone choose Zero Density over using Unreal Engine directly for virtual production?

RA: “In film, you can afford to stop for half an hour to change something. But in broadcast, you cannot afford to do that. You need to be reliable and efficient every day, all the time, with no pauses and no downtime. So, we create all these tools for the broadcast workflow, making it reliable, easy to use for everybody, so you don’t need to have a senior graphic expert sitting next to it every time you’re doing something.”

Q: Does Zero Density serve industries other than broadcast?

RA: “Broadcast was the trigger for us to create the product (Reality) because there was a big need there. But once you have a product that works in broadcast, you see other industries with similar needs. We have corporations that use our system because they have a need to present internally, or universities and academies that teach remotely and want a nice-looking background.”

Q: How scalable is Zero Density’s technology?

RA: “It’s very scalable. We can scale from the smallest university to a small corporation to the big networks, the tier-one broadcasters anywhere in the world, and production studios. We have solutions for all of them.”

Q: What support does Zero Density offer to companies implementing their technology?

RA: “We normally provide technology, but we understand that not everybody has the means to integrate the stuff themselves and to build their studios. So, we also consult a lot and help them find the right glue around that, choose the right lighting, cameras, and technology around that so the whole thing will be seamless.”

Q: What are the latest developments from Zero Density announced at NAB 2024?

RA: “The latest news is Lino, a graphic solution that connects to Epic Games’ Motion Design. It’s been a big buzz in the industry. We are adding a very nice graphic engine and authoring tools on top. All the layers that you need to connect to the workflow, to automation, and to make it easy to use in the broadcast environment. For the first time in a long time, there will be a single platform you can use for any graphics—preproduction graphics, on-air graphics, virtual studio, for XR —everything. This kind of comprehensive solution hasn’t been available in the industry for at least 10 years.”

Q: How has Zero Density transitioned to Reality5 after keeping Reality4.27?

RA: “We realized that we were so deep into the Unreal Engine that every small change Epic made required us to refactor many things. It consumed a lot of our energy and time until we decided to stop and change our architecture. Now, we have a platform (Reality5) that is easier to integrate and has lower touch. We moved out a lot of the processing that we were doing inside Unreal and took it out so that the result is that we have more control over the processes. If Epic Games changes something in their newer version of Unreal, for us, it’s easier to adapt to these changes and have a new version of Reality5 weeks after Epic Games releases a new one. We are working on 5.4 and will be ready whenever Epic Games releases 5.4.”

About Zero Density

Zero Density gives visual storytellers the tools they need to bring their creative vision to life, effortlessly and with lasting impact. Our integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics platforms boost operational efficiency and deliver results you can rely on. Zero Density is your forward-thinking industry partner, with offices around the globe serving clients such as The Weather Channel, Viaplay, Sky News Arabia, FOX Sports and Warner Media.