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July 8, 2024

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Reality 5.4 SP1 is released!

We are proud to announce the release of Reality 5.4 Service Pack 1, packed with new features and improvements. This release includes Reality 5.4, Nodos 1.1.2, Unreal 5.4.2 (the June 4 release), and Reality Hub 1.5.3.

This service pack introduces an innovative new workflow and approach for Augmented Reality, enabling users to create more complex AR scenes with enhanced realism and no performance drops. Additionally, the new features in Reality Hub are designed to enhance the user experience, increasing productivity and reliability.

Upgrade now to take full advantage of these innovations!

New AR workflow in Reality 5.4 SP1

In this service pack we introduce a new workflow and approach for Augmented Reality. This new approach allows users of Reality5 to create more complex AR scenes, including ray-traced scenes with a higher level of realism without performance drops.

AR Region Mask

Reality 5.4 SP1 introduces a more powerful AR workflow with the AR Region Mask, replacing the Ambient Occlusion Mask. This innovation simplifies the creation of photorealistic graphics by eliminating the need for an additional camera render for reflections. With just one Unreal camera and one mask, realistic reflections are achieved, reducing cross-reflection errors in ray-traced AR productions. This enhancement not only improves performance but also makes it easier to produce high-quality AR graphics.

Reflection Pass x Shadow Pass

The service pack also masks the Reflection Pass with Shadow Pass together into a single Composite Pass. This integration facilitates seamless blending of shadows and reflections, resulting in a more photorealistic appearance with minimal effort. Users gain greater control over the passes, and the new system significantly reduces the time needed for optimization when transferring AR projects between different studios. The merged masks automatically adjust, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies creation of photorealistic AR graphics.
  • Eliminates the need for additional camera renders for reflections.
  • Reduces cross-reflection errors in ray-traced AR productions.
  • Merges Shadow and Reflection Passes for easier blending and control.
  • Accelerates optimization when transferring projects between studios.

Other Features:

Timing Jitter and Max Network Timing Jitter

This feature monitors the health of track data and identifies the health of incoming tracking stream. Developed based on client feedback, it helps ensure more reliable and accurate tracking performance.

Telemetrics Support

With the new Node, we have added the Telemetrics tracking protocol to the Reality5. This development was a close team effort with Reality5 clients.

You can deep dive in the documentation page for more features, improvements and bug fixes.

Reality 5.4 SP1 is released

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