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April 8, 2024

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Reality5.3 SP3 is Released!

Today, Zero Density released Reality5.3 SP3 and wanted to share the latest features.

  • Depth of Field Bypass – This feature ensures photorealism with reflections and virtual shadows in projected videos. VideoTranslucencyDetail is also added to adjust translucency for fine-tuning the blending in keying when using foreground elements. This feature also eliminates double DOF, which creates a halo on the projected video in Unreal Engine.

  • Media Clip Player – New features have been added to the media clip player, such as seeing the path, resolution, and frame rate of your video file. There is also the ability to change the speed of the video and go to a specific frame or timecode. It accepts drop and non-drop formats.

  • License Manager – New user interface improvement brings a new license management experience. Users can see all licenses with a detailed breakdown, such as active licenses, their type, and expiration dates. You can also use the Backup and Restore functions before the OS installs.

  • Softness Support in Tracked Talent Fly  – The Talent Tracked Fly feature now has softness ability to the borders of the tracked billboard and improves the natural look by refining the keyed area.

  • Proxy Connection – Reality Hub now supports proxy HTTP/HTTPS connections through a proxy server.

In a nutshell, Reality 5.3 SP3 distribution introduces new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to improve user experience and functionality.

The SP3 documentation page is live, so feel free to dive into the details.

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