December 14, 2020

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Louis Vuitton goes Green with Reality

The fashion industry is witnessing a transformative shift, with the advent of virtual production, augmented reality, and virtual studios. A testament to this revolution is Louis Vuitton‘s Women’s Spring Summer 2021 fashion show, which marked the beginning of a new era and aesthetic experience in fashion shows.

Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative mind behind Louis Vuitton, chose the top floor of the historic Samaritaine building as the backdrop for the presentation. The Art Deco architecture and Art Nouveau frescoes of this iconic monument were enhanced by green screens, creating a seamless blend of the real and virtual worlds. This integration was powered by Reality, a cutting-edge technology from Zero Density.

The show utilized a combination of 10 Engines, robotic cameras, remote heads, rail cams, and cable cams. Our partner, AD TV, oversaw the technical integration of Reality, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience. Microfilms robotics were also used, equipped with built-in tracking to capture every detail of the show. The immense number of technologies combined with Louis Vuitton’s bold fashion design created an experience that is unforgettable.

The result was a noir atmospheric experience, featuring elements from Nick Cave and the legendary movie Wings of Desire. This was all brought to life with our technology, creating a visually stunning spectacle for both the in-person audience and the million viewers online.

This groundbreaking show is a clear demonstration of how Louis Vuitton and Zero Density are at the forefront of integrating innovative solutions. It serves as an example for other brands, showcasing the potential of virtual production in revolutionizing the fashion industry.

As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, we look forward to seeing how this technology will shape the future of fashion. The Women’s Spring Summer 2021 fashion show was just the beginning, and we are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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