December 8, 2020

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Virtual Line Studios Transform Film and Commercial Production with Reality

Virtual Line Studios is a state-of-the-art film studio in Tokyo, Japan. Finding the most advanced virtual studio product in the industry, recently they built an entire new studio for real-time VR/AR capability powered by Reality. This installation changed the way of film and commercial production dramatically, both in Japan and globally.

Reality installation was carried out by ZD regional partner Ask Corporation.

Reality uses Unreal Engine by Epic Games, the most photo-realistic real-time game engine, as the 3D renderer. With the advanced real-time visual effects capabilities, Reality ensures the most photo-realistic composite output possible. Also, as a unique approach in the market, in Reality, green screen image is composited with graphics in 3D scene. This technique results in real-time realistic reflections and refractions of the physical objects and the people inside the green screen on top of the graphics.

Virtual studios powered by Reality technology are next generation.

Case 1: Indoor

Reality is a real-time engine and it can be utilized by film and TV professionals in a number of ways. Virtual studio gives the director the flexibility to change scenes in a heartbeat. Since Reality offers video I/O, keying, tracking, compositing and rendering in one single machine, saving the project nodegraph saves all your scene settings. Reloading the saved nodegraph only takes minutes. Therefore, the director is able to shoot multiple scenes in one day and in the same location. This also helps reduce work hours for crews and actors.

Case 2: In the City

Virtual studios do not limit shooting to indoor locations. Outside locations can easily be utilized as well, even the most touristic locations such as the ever-crowded Shibuya crossing.

Reality’s real-time node-based compositing pipeline enables teams to check and edit the environment and surroundings simultaneously. Production can move faster and the finished image can be checked by all teams right away.

Case 3: Nature

The photorealism and real-time compositing power brought by Reality provide new opportunities to film and TV commercial industry using virtual studios. Another case is bringing the great nature to the studio with all natural effects intact. The weather and travel time would never mess with the production schedule. It is also possible to solve issues real time and optimize filming process.

The studio is 11m x 9m with painted walls and a carpet floor.


  • BlackMagic Design URSAmini Pro 4.6K G2 camera (calibrated for xR compatible studio)
  • Fujinon ZK19-90mm lens (calibrated for xR compatible studio)
  • Tracking by Stype

Base light

  • ARRI SkyPanel S60c S360c (LED lighting base light for xR compatible studio)
  • ETC ColorSource 40AV (Centralized control console for LED lighting)
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