The Traxis platform is providing ultra high resolution camera and talent tracking, lens data management while reducing complexity for setup and maintenance at the same time.


Tell your story, your way with Reality5’s unrivaled creative capabilities

Welcome to the place where next takes shape. Reality5 is a virtual production platform that brings limitless possibilities to life. This comprehensive solution  nhances storytelling by enabling creators to produce hyper photorealistic real time graphics for Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality (curved, flat and cube LED) productions. Redeveloped from the ground up, with dynamic visuals, data-driven graphics, and seamless workflow integration, it is -simply put- a new paradigm for visual  torytelling.


A quantum leap in creative potential

Tackle demanding virtual production challenges with ease. EVO II is built with cutting-edge components like the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU and the Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU. Its state-of-the-art hardware helps EVO II deliver a quantum leap in creative potential, no matter how intricate the production.


Real time motion graphics reinvented

Introducing Lino — a new real-time motion graphics platform based on Epic Games’ new platform. Supporting both On Air Graphics and Video Wall Control, Lino is a giant leap forward for creativity, efficiency and integration.