Real time motion graphics reinvented

Introducing Lino — a new real-time motion graphics platform based on Unreal Motion Design. Supporting both On Air Graphics and Video Wall Graphics, Lino is a giant leap forward for creativity, efficiency and integration

Built on Unreal Motion Design

Lino is a 2D and 3D motion graphic editor built on Unreal Motion Design. Its intuitive interface gives motion graphics designers familiar animation timelines and tools, so it’s easy to switch from existing applications. Tailor-made for broadcast productions, Lino can bring both 2D and 3D graphics from design to on-air playout using a single toolkit.

The new global motion graphics standard

All production assets can be created in Unreal to be used in video wall content, on-air graphics or pre-production motion graphics and virtual production graphics. This innovative approach not only enhances rendering and compositing quality but also significantly cuts down production costs and redundancy.

Lino’s key features

By harnessing the power of Unreal Motion Design, Lino delivers superior rendering and compositing capabilities when paired with EVO2, streamlining asset creation and integration.

Lino’s unified production environment reduces the need for multiple software solutions, cutting asset creation costs and simplifying operations.

‘Create once, use anywhere’. Lino allows for the seamless use of assets across both virtual production and real-time motion graphics projects, fostering a smarter, faster, and more cost-effective production process.

Whether for real-time motion graphics, LED video wall content, or virtual production graphics, Lino enables the creation of diverse content types through a single process by the same graphics talent.

All content created with Lino can be effortlessly operated from Reality Hub, allowing for seamless execution from one control interface, with or without NRCS (Newsroom Computer System) or automation integration.

Introducing Lino – Real-time Motion Graphics Reinvented

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