Tell your story, your way with Reality5’s unrivaled creative capabilities

Welcome to the place where next takes shape. Reality5 is a virtual production platform that brings limitless possibilities to life. This comprehensive solution enhances storytelling by enabling creators to produce hyper photorealistic real time graphics for Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality (curved, flat and cube LED) productions. Redeveloped from the ground up, with dynamic visuals, data-driven graphics, and seamless workflow integration, it is -simply put- a new paradigm for visual storytelling.

Craft visuals like never before. Reality5 uses the power of Unreal Engine 5.3 to create hyper-photorealistic virtual environments and graphics in real-time. Our tools blend the physical and virtual worlds to create true-to-life visuals that are so believable it’s incredible. Get ready to rewrite the rules of reality.

Tell stories you never dreamed possible. Reality5 effortlessly creates dynamic scenes with data-driven magic, transforming your concepts into interactive  masterpieces where every pixel has a purpose.

Our platform blends effortlessly with your current technology and editorial systems. Our industry expertise ensures our tools are non-invasive and streamline processes to minimize errors. Committed to open standards, our platform integrates smoothly, minimizing disruptions and boosting efficiency.

Say goodbye to friction and hello to a world where your ideas flow freely, without technical constraints. Reality5 integrates seamlessly with your current technology and editorial systems. Unleash your imagination.

Robust. Efficient. Effective. Powered by Unreal’s rendering backbone, and battle-tested with over 3 million hours of flawlessly-produced content, Reality5 pushes workflow and productivity gains across the board, without complexity.

In Short

  • Supports the full range of the virtual production stack. From XR to AR and Virtual Studio.
  • Support for flat LED walls, cube and curved LED volumes for XR Productions.
  • Leveraging the full potential of Unreal Engine 5.3 to deliver hyper photorealistic virtual environments in real-time.
  • The unique node based compositor is intuitive and manages complex setups with ease.
  • 3D Compositing pipeline blends real and virtual elements to create a seamless, uniquely realistic environment.
  • The extremely efficient rendering pipeline opens up new levels of graphics quality and virtual set complexity. EPIC’s ‘The Matrix Awakens’ virtual environment, considered by the industry to be the most complex open map set available, runs in real-time at the highest quality in the new Reality platform.
  • 3D PixelPerfect Keyer sets the standard for precision in real-time post production quality keying. Preserving real shadows and other essential details.
  • The PixelRestore process recreates lifelike transparency in a single render pass.
  • Bidirectional dynamic shadows and reflections seamlessly blend physical and virtual objects.
  • New architecture lowers RAM usage and boosts render process efficiency by 40%. Total delay from input to output is just 5 frames.
  • 3rd Party plugin support in Unreal – plug and play
  • New versions of Unreal Engine 5 are supported within two weeks of their release.

Reality Hub: single control interface

Efficient. Effective. Fun to use. The Reality Hub system controls all of our graphics platforms, giving operators confidence, flexibility, and control. It also saves time and reduces errors by integrating with newsroom systems, studio automation, and other data providers to streamline data handling processes.

Traxis Talent Tracking

Through the convergence of Reality5, Unreal 5.3 and our Traxis Talent Tracking, our clients can fully harness Unreal native capabilities, including a collision control mechanism that allows the talent to interact with virtual objects, all while enhancing realism with dynamic shadows and reflections.

REALITY5 Demo Video

Reality5 Virtual Production Platform

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(Early Access Signup Open)

Get your hands on Reality and start learning, testing the immense capabilities, and turn your creativity, into a reality.

(Early Access Signup Open)

Get your hands on Reality and start learning, testing the immense capabilities, and turn your creativity, into a reality.