Reality Hub

Reality Hub: The better way to tell better stories

Imagine a world where technology merges seamlessly with creativity, and operational efficiency meets storytelling prowess. That world is Reality Hub — the driving force behind the next generation of enhanced visual storytelling.

Control all your existing broadcast technology, editorial environments and data providers via one dynamic HTML5 interface. Reality Hub’s centralized control system seriously boosts efficiency and control.

Manage virtual production, real time motion graphics, channel branding, and more. Reality Hub effortlessly integrates with standard broadcast systems, streamlining your workflow and unlocking the future of virtual production and graphics.

Robust. Adaptable. Open. Reality Hub’s modular design makes it easy for third-party innovators to add to its foundational controls and functionalities by developing and integrating their own plugins. The possibilities are literally endless.


Reality Hub can integrate with every aspect of the production workflow. Its control systems support a variety of integrations:

  • Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) via the MOS interface (iNews, ENPS, Octopus)
  • Studio Automations platforms (Mosart, Pebble beach, Sony ELC, Harris)
  • Robotic camera heads and robotic PTZ cameras
  • Studio lights via the DMX protocol
  • Vision mixers and MCR automation

Data and statistics integration

Want to tell stories based on large or complex data sets? Reality Hub integrates with data and statistics providers that drive dynamic data-driven graphics. It supports manual data input and fully automated integrations, with or without editorial control pass.

Reality Hub: The Better Way To Tell Better Stories