The Traxis platform is providing ultra high resolution camera and talent tracking, lens data management while reducing complexity for setup and maintenance at the same time.

Traxis Camera Tracking

Captures every move with unparalleled accuracy

Camera Tracking is a vital component of a successful virtual production. The complexity of managing multiple tracking signals and lens data can be a pain.

With Traxis Camera Tracking we set new industry standards for accuracy, working in perfect harmony with our virtual production platform to deliver an immersive story. Even in high-demand sets, it provides rock-solid performance with continuous recalibration to ensure uninterrupted, real-time tracking.

Say goodbye to technical headaches and hello to a seamless, mission critical, cable-clutter-free camera tracking solution.

Traxis Talent Tracking

Virtual graphics, real-life behavior

Real talent. Virtual graphics. Seamless interaction. Traxis gives talent the freedom to move around the studio without physical limitations or wearables. Real-time tracking enables instantaneous rendering of virtual shadows and reflections, exactly where your brain expects them, maintaining a hyper-photorealistic scene. Talent can even appear to walk around and interact with virtual objects, making them seem completely realistic.

The Traxis Talent Tracking system just works. It effortlessly enables you to track people in real time. No markers. No problem. Set up is straightforward, and the AI-powered results are industry-leading. Point, shoot, and drop the talent location into your story.

Traxis Hub

This comprehensive tool manages all available tracking and lens data in a centralized interface.

Traxis Hub is compatible with all industry-standard tracking protocols.