Augmented Reality

Create next-level storytelling with augmented reality

The simplest form of Augmented Reality (AR) overlays real-time virtual graphics like props or data, on top of a video image of a physical set. The AR elements use tracking and lens data to adjust their perspective to exactly match the camera’s viewpoint.

Our Reality platform takes AR to the next level. With our unique compositing pipeline AR elements become integral parts of the environment, casting shadows and reflections onto physical objects and vice versa. The execution is so natural, you can’t tell where actual stops and virtual begins.

Add Traxis Talent Tracking. Now talents can freely move around the 3D space, appearing behind or in front of the graphics, which interact as if they were real objects.

Zero Density’s solutions unleash the full storytelling potential of AR. You can use AR alone to enhance physical studios, or combine it with our Extended Reality (XR) and Virtual Studio (VS) solutions to make your production shine like never before.

Data and statistics integration
Want to tell stories based on large or complex data sets? Reality Hub integrates with data and statistics providers that drive dynamic data-driven graphics. It supports manual data input and fully automated integrations, with or without editorial control pass.

Reality Hub: Single control interface

Efficient. Effective. Fun to use. The Reality Hub system controls all of our graphics platforms, giving operators confidence, flexibility, and control. It also saves time and reduces errors by integrating with newsroom systems, studio automation, and other data providers to streamline data handling processes.

Zero Density Academy

Want to master real-time broadcast graphics and virtual sets? Our online Reality  learning hub, Zero Density Academy, provides in-depth video courses and structured certification paths.


Online Reality learning hub

Master the art of virtual production and graphics creation.

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