Extended Reality

XR transforms an ordinary physical space into a dynamic, photorealistic extended reality stage

Our cutting-edge Extended Reality (XR) solution offers a fast, flexible, and high-quality setup for LED walls (flat, cube and curved), enhancing visual experiences while simplifying the technical process.

Our solution bleaches the “industry standards” by offering rapid installation, flexible curved LED wall integration, streamlined calibration without 3D modeling, real-time adjustments via Reality Hub, and advanced rendering capabilities within a unified engine setup, making it a versatile, cost-effective, and future-proof choice for any production.

This efficiency, paired with high visual impact from the native support of all Unreal features unique to Reality XR, establishes our system as a versatile, cost-effective, and visually superior choice for any XR production.

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In short

  • Efficient because of significantly reduced setup times with a unique node-based system.

  • Reduced on set time due to full project control via Reality Hub, including live control and adjustments

  • Reliable because of reduced hardware requirements and risk of unsynchronized output by getting rid of clustered render engines for the majority of setups.

Cutting-edge XR solution

  • Support of all the latest Unreal Engine 5 features (supported within weeks of release) will give complete creative freedom.
  • Rapid setup and flexibility: Install curved LED walls within a matter of hours, accommodating extreme angles.
  • Advanced rendering capabilities: The inner frustum renders at full resolution while the outer frustum operates at a lower resolution to optimize performance and eliminate the need for a clustered render engine setup.
  • Simple, unified engine use: Unlike industry practice which necessitates multiple engines and complex setups, our solution uses a single engine for both low and high-resolution rendering, simplifying the process.
  • Efficient calibration: By adding the LED wall configuration details in combination with the necessary measurements, the curve is calculated accurately without the requirement to create a 3D model of the LED wall.
  • Versatile and customizable design: Suitable for any shape and size, including floor, and sky LED panels. The ‘Force Flat’ option seamlessly adapts the mesh to floor dimensions.
  • The extremely efficient rendering pipeline opens up new levels of graphics quality and virtual set complexity.
  • 3D Compositing pipeline blends real and virtual elements to create a seamless, uniquely realistic environment.

  • The unique node-based compositor is intuitive and manages complex setups with ease while increasing project reliability.
  • Efficient control: Reality Hub integration allows for live control and adjustments, significantly reducing on-set time which is a huge cost saver.
  • Reality5 is created with workflow integration in mind. We integrate with data sources, editorial systems and the broadcast environment.
  • Our platform’s adherence to open standards ensures easy integration into existing technology and editorial setups, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing potential disruption.
  • Innovative monitoring and control with Advanced Preview Monitor (APM).
  • Simplified workflow: Reality5 massively simplifies workflows. For example, you do not need to open the Unreal Engine project to make changes. Changes can be done from the nodegraphs.
  • Our platform promotes sustainability by reducing the need for travel & use of physical materials. In addition, the production requires less hardware, which reduces power and cooling.

Worklow XR

Reality Hub: Single control interface

Efficient. Effective. Fun to use. The Reality Hub system controls all the graphics solutions, and provides operators with a sense of confidence and flexibility. It also saves time and reduces errors by integrating with newsroom systems, studio automation, and other data providers to streamline data handling processes. Reality Hub provides a streamlined, efficient workflow with drag-and drop functionality to create rundown based, for live content adaptation, and seamless newsroom integration.


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