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The virtual studio comes of age

Virtual Studios (VS) have come a long way since their introduction in the 1980s. Back then, subpar graphics meant they were only suitable for very limited productions.

Then everything changed. In 2016, game rendering engines revolutionized the industry, making it possible for studios of all sizes to create immersive environments using just a green screen.

Zero Density led the way when we started using Unreal Engine for broadcasting. Its drastically improved graphics quality, combined with a real-time compositing pipeline and unparalleled keying capabilities created an unrivaled VS solution.

The Reality5 platform takes everything to the next level. It merges Unreal Engine 5 with a streamlined architecture, delivering extraordinary quality while maintaining reliability, efficiency, and seamless integration. Our Virtual Studio has the power to reshape business models, optimize studio utilization, reduce costs, and enhance production value.

Simpler, better, and more reliable. Zero Density’s integrated VS solution sets the gold standard. Welcome to the future of virtual production.

In short

Our virtual studio solution is powered by Reality5’s core capabilities, combined with Traxis Camera and Talent tracking for a robust all-in-one system.

  • The unique node based compositor is intuitive and manages complex setups with ease.
  • 3D Compositing pipeline blends real and virtual elements to create a seamless, uniquely realistic environment.
  • 3D Pixelperfect Keyer sets the standard for precision in real-time post production quality keying.

  • The AR PixelRestore process recreates lifelike transparency in a single render pass.

  • Bidirectional dynamic shadows and reflections seamlessly blend physical and virtual objects.
  • Traxis Camera Tracking sets new industry standards for precision. Even in high-demand environments, it delivers rock-solid performance with continuous calibration to ensure uninterrupted, real-time tracking.
  • The Traxis Talent Tracking system just works. It effortlessly enables you to track people in real time. No markers. No problem. Set up is straightforward, and the AI-powered results are industry-leading. Point, shoot, and drop the talent into your story.

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