Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services” refers to the type of service, which is based only on questions and answers, which are recorded on Zero Density TSS Portal, which is accessible by Zero Density and their customers and partners.

ZD TSS Portal is used to ask questions or get guidance from our World-Class Technical Support (TS) Team:

As an alternative to reach at ZD TS team, you can also email us at:; but we cannot act on the support e-mail inbox as fast as we can act on our TSS Portal: All of the eyes are on our TSS portal and many timer mechanisms work to keep up with the agreed timelines on our TSS portal!

Technical Support is used to guide our customers on how to achieve something or how to overcome a problem. Under Technical Support Services, the customers are expected to do the tasks provided by the guidance from the ZD TSS Team. In case the customers would like the ZD TSS Team to do the “job”, rather than following on the guidance provided; Professional Services can be purchased by talking to the related Account Manager and the ZD TSS Team can help the customers do the “job” for them. The best examples are:

  • Please tell me how to achieve the best key (a technical support case points the customers on details on how to achieve the best case. Since this is a common question, it is also in the documentation, so the team points the customer to the documentation)
  • Please tell me how to take the green spill from the talent (a technical support case on what can be done to take the green out from the composite video output will be provided)
  • Please do the best key for me (usually requires a remote connection for a TSS Engineer to do the “job”; requires Professional Services to be purchased from Zero Density)